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How do I Clear Any Government Exam ?

According to me In India there are thousands of students or job seekers who give the Government Job Exam to get Sarkari Naukri in India there are many opportunities given by the private sector but every youth of India wanted to get Sarkari Naukri. It’s like a dream of every youth or student of India to get a government job or Sarkari Naukri. The reason behind this that such bias in favor of government jobs can vary from power to job security and job satisfaction status. Nowadays, the majority of government jobs are offered through an open competitive examination based recruitment system.

So, If you want to Crack The Government Job Exam you need to do hard work because as I mentioned above that there is very tough competition in the government job exam often many aspirants fail to clear them because the reason behind is they don't have any good plan or strategy for the preparation of their exam. If you go with well planned and designed Government job preparation strategy, I have compiled few points that may help you design a thorough strategy to crack any of the government job exams such as Bank Job, Railway, SSC, Engineering Job, UPSC, etc.

The following things are there you must do while preparing for the government exam:-

1. Self-belief and motivation

This is the most important and common thing while preparing for a government job so you must have self-belief and be confident. Don't think that you can’t do this always thinks that you can do it always be positive and never give up. You have believed in yourself and have the ability to crack any exam. It is a very important thing to believe in your efforts and motivate yourself not to just to read but to study, not only to get a good score for the government job exam but to gain deeper conceptual clarity about difficult topics.

2. Understanding the selection procedure

From the beginning, you have to decide in which position within the government sector such as Bank, Railway, SSC, UPSC, Engineering, Teaching Job, Army you are aiming for giving the exam. This will help you identify the exact selection procedure of that individual sector if your procedure involves only in written examination, your main focus should be based upon the syllabus of written examination on the other hand if the selection procedure only involves an interview and physical test, then you should focus on both interview and physical test

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3. Time management.

Time management plays an important role in which means you have to manage your precious time according to your plan. You have to make a strategy for your study and you have to give equal time to every important topic or every subject.

4. Solve Test series/Mock test & Previous year question paper.

Solve the mock test & previous year's question paper is the key to crack any government exam so you need to solve the previous year's question paper and Mock test/test series and you have to do practice more and more. This is the only way to increase your timing to solve any question in the exam.

5. Make Revision notes.

If you are preparing for important topics it is most important to make short notes or revision notes at the same time. Your revision notes should be considered a simple explanation or short description of the entire topic or chapter within a few important bullet points that cover all the important aspects of that chapter. These short notes will very helpful to you in the final phase of preparation because at that you don’t have enough time to read the entire chapter.

6. start with a tough, easy second strategy

It means that you have to start with the difficult or hard topics in which you face some difficulty you have to cover all such difficult topics and after that, you should move on to easier topics. Most of the important advantage of this strategy is it gives enough time to candidates for difficult subjects and it leaves revision time for tougher subjects or topics.

7. Gathering Preparation Material.

Once you have designed your strategy for government exam preparation that you have to collect good and right preparation material from the market or online websites such as Free Rojgar Seva.

8. Evaluating the syllabus

You must have proper knowledge about the syllabus of your Sarkari Naukri exam because it is the main key to cracking any government job exam. Through understanding the entire syllabus it will very helpful for you to evaluate the kind and type of question pattern that can be asked in the examination paper.

9. Daily Newspaper reading.

You must have made a habit to read a good newspaper on a daily basis because this will increase your Current Affairs and General knowledge and you can also subscribe Free Rojgar Seva News Letter on your mobile phones that will very helpful to make good command in General Science Section.

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10. Take Healthy Diet.

At the time of government exam preparation, you need to take a healthy diet. Take some snacks and drink more and more water. Try to do motivation in the early morning this will help you to stay calm and focused on your goal.

11. Stay cool at the time of examination.

You don't have to take any tension or stress at the time of examination just go through with a cool mind and always try to stay calm and cool.

To crack any government exam you should do the following things-

  • The first step toward the preparation for a government job is for which exam you want to prepare, invest your time and energy in the right direction. For example: If you want to prepare for Bank Clerk then you have to check out the application dates, exam pattern, syllabus, refer to previous year's question papers, and start the preparation for the clerk exam.
  • The second step is to make a note of the right and genuine syllabus and the exam pattern as well. According to that make a good strategy and daily routine which will be best suited for you.
  • Prepare short revision notes for doing quick revision for the competitive exams. The short notes help in the summary of the entire topics which will help to cover all the chapters.
  • Analyze the exam pattern and figure out which topic and section or subject have high priority.
  • The subjects like history, geography, polity, physics, chemistry, biology may be referred to NCERT class 6-12 books, which will very helpful to provide much information and study material for exams.
  • There are two things knowledge and skill, knowledge is the theoretical understanding of any topics or sections but skill is the practical knowledge of topics which you get only by practice. So try to practice more and more.
  •  After when you think that you have completed your entire syllabus now here is the time to challenge yourself, check how much you have prepared start taking mocks test or test series on regular basis and Analyse your performance & keep improvising with each and every step taken forwards.